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Remove & Replace Concrete in Edmonton

At Garden Concrete, we realize that over time, concrete becomes damaged and deteriorated.  At some point, the concrete becomes too damaged for preventative services, and it will need to be removed and replaced. The removal and replacement of decayed or broken concrete are essential because it prevents further deterioration and reduces possible liabilities.

We specialize in the removal and replacement of concrete sidewalks, curbs, pads and slabs. We have decades of experience working for owners and managers of condos, warehouses, strip malls, apartments, box stores, municipalities, institutions, schools and developers.

We will work with condo boards and associations to assess, implement and complete a concrete restoration or replacement program that respects their budget, schedule and reserve fund goals. Tackling the worst areas of the site’s concrete first while anticipating the next phase of work.  Our goal is to provide proactive designs to ensure that once the project is complete, the site concrete flows well, and the transitions are seamless.

We have many condo complexes that are currently looking to or have recently completed the replacement of virtually all of the site’s concrete. By replacing concrete early, you can avoid the need for special assessments while also decreasing the potential liability of trip hazards, basement flooding or poor curb appeal.

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    Edmonton Concrete Removal & Replacement

    We can minimize the impact on homeowners, tenants and the public with our efficient removal techniques. We can remove concrete effectively while still maintaining access to homes and businesses. We are well versed in traffic control, both vehicular and pedestrian, ensuring the safety of the tenants, owners, customers of the building, as well as our personnel.

    Before beginning the process of removal and replacement, we will look to evaluate the concrete area for underlying issues such as areas with heavy traffic, unusual activity or anything that may put additional strain on a concrete structure. Understanding these conditions before starting a project will allow for the correct adjustments to be made during the replacement, which will ensure an increased lifespan for the concrete. An example of this is properties with weighty traffic areas like dumpster pads, where they have fallen below the recommended specifications.  The current asphalt or concrete pad will need to be replaced with a reinforced concrete pad to withstand the extreme weight and help to avoid future sinking.

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    Concrete Removal & Replacement Process

    The concrete removal process begins with saw cutting and excavating the damaged or deteriorated concrete to the specified depth below the existing grade.  From here, complete removal to a legal dumpsite. The exposed base is re-compacted to ensure stable support for the replacement of concrete.

    The replacement begins with forming and pouring the specified volume of concrete over the given area based on the set specifications and reinforcement, as noted for the project. We complete Expansion and control joints will as needed. Finally, the surface is hand-troweled or brush finished leaving a finished product. Call Us to Remove & Replace Your Concrete Today!