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Concrete Contractors in Edmonton

Garden Concrete Services has vast experience as a concrete contractor in Edmonton with the completion of projects at Schools, Universities, nursing homes, Extendicare facilities & hospitals, retail businesses and much more.  As the top choice for concrete contractors ion Edmonton, our expertise ranges from new construction to rehabilitation & renovation.  We get the job completed on time, safely, and with top-notch quality. Garden Concrete takes the safety of occupants and the needs of the facility into consideration at all stages of development.  We can accommodate the many aspects required to complete the job correctly, accurately and safely.

The Most Trusted Edmonton Concrete Contractors

Garden Concrete takes pride in our relationships with large  Property Management in Edmonton as well as the owners of some of the most unique properties in the Edmonton area.  From busy retail parks and shopping centres to business parks and leisure centres, we do it all.

When dealing with multiple sites, our work will be all-inclusive, and there will be no need to consult dozens of contractors for each property where you require services.

  • We specialize in all concrete jobs and can handle multiple projects at multiple locations.
  • We will look to complete detailed surveys and condition reports to identify the areas which need prioritizing, and we will help you allocate your budgets where they are most needed.
  • From urgent reactive repairs to ongoing proactive maintenance plans, we handle all your property management challenges across Edmonton and the surrounding area.
  • Setting expectations manages the expectations of your staff and clients to keep everyone safe and happy.

Should you need to extend or to construct a new parking area, reconfigure or install a sidewalk, we can help from the start. We will look to avoid any issues that may become problematic such as flooding and poor traffic flow with a design that works around the existing ground conditions of your proposed site. From topographic and GPS surveys, through architectural design and construction, Garden Concrete will take your project from concept to completion.

Our goal is to ensure that your site(s) makes a positive first impression and reinforces your brand image. Our experts are specialists that understand the external built environment and so can advise on everything from maintenance scheduling to the placement of hard landscaping features.

Keep your clients or tenants happy with easy to navigate and well-maintained car parking, hazard-free footpaths and surrounding area that says the right things about their business.

Call our Edmonton Concrete services team today at (780) 818-7591 to schedule your service!

Concrete Contractor Guarantee

Garden Concrete guarantees:

  • Keep your business operating during sidewalk replacement.
  • Maintain a safe environment for customers when completing parking lot rehabs.
  • Ensure that tenants are satisfied while working in residential scenarios.
  • Fast and efficient removal and replacement of sidewalks, curbs and steps to limit any disruption.
  • From curb repairs to the full gut parking lot and sidewalk renovations, we can take care of it.
  • Maintain a safe environment for customers.

At Garden Concrete, we have established strategic alliances with the best paving contractors and landscapers in the industry, which enables us to be your one-stop shop when it comes to your grounds & your parking area’s maintenance and improvements. Call our team of experts today!

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